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SmartCall is a Belgian operator BIPT registered, specialized in fixed telephony for independent professionals, small and medium companies. Our first mission is to make you realize as soon as possible significant savings by replacing your old expensive and aging systems by our powerful new generation of phones, without you having to invest !! Our second mission is to give back the taste of fixed telephony to those who have gave it up , either because they thought there was no value added service either because they didn't want to pay € 19.50 / month to have at the end no functionality or calls included !

Our unique offer is based on

  • Price with no surprises and all inclusive.
  • Over 100 features included and available.
  • Mobility, freedom and transparency.
  • Ability to freely change package depending on your needs.
  • A simple and professional telephony.
  • A ULTRA USER FRIENDLY management interface for the client to be able to self-manage the configurations of its phones .
  • Professional customer service.
  • Customized training for each customer.

If you have acces to Internet ... we have the phone for you !

From 9,99 €/month/user

This basic smartcall offer  includes a new phone number of your choice or a ported number unlimited number of concurrent lines, minimum 2 users, contract of 24 months, 1hour call credit included/user : Click here to access our prices outside pack

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Activation in 72 hours *

* Guaranteed only for new numbers (or activating the permanent transfer of your existing number to a new temporary number). In case of a transfer of your existing numbers to our network, the time is about 7 days)

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More than 100 features

All the features of a large telephone exchange are included (IVR, queuing, call fw, individual voicemail to email, call recording, etc.) click here to see all the features (pdf?). With SmartCall, you get all the integrated features that are found in the larger telephone exchanges. Forward your calls to a co-worker or to your mobile, set your voice mail, organize your call forwarding, add a second or a third caller becomes a child's play. Our solutions always include a first custom configuration made to your requirements with you. You can then edit and configure your central perfectly autonomously with personal access to your management interface (available on PC, smartphone, Ipad..)With SmartCall you can also integrate your calendar (Outlook, gmail, etc) to your telephone exchange. Your phones are then programmed to perform the tasks you have assigned to them based on the type of event (eg automatically divert calls to your mobile phone when you are outside on a meeting, or even divert calls to the secretariat when you are on day off ...

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A unique offer in Belgium

The smartcall offer is unique in Belgium: Possibility to subscribe to formulas without obligation of time (for an additional monthly fee of 25%). You can switch from one formula to another freely for up to 2 changes per year and for all users ( only available with the staretr formula ). Over 100 features are included in our PRO offer.Our basic formula of € 9.99 is currently offering the cheapest and the most complete offer in Belgium. Last but not least, unlike most other phone deals available on the market, SmartCall is 100% compatible with all Internet providers and requires NO modification.

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Our CLOUD Packs



  • 30 m/user
  • 1
  • 10€ / user
  • 2€ / user



  • 60 m/user
  • 2
  • 2€ / user
  • 2€ / user



  • 120 m/user
  • 5
  • 10€ / user

Possibility to change packs twice a year without charge. Contract of at least 24 months. Installation, activation and configuration costs not included. This delay doesn't include the portability delay.

Terms of Sales

Pro Packs : Wildix Unified Communication

Browser-based unified communications and « Tailor made » PBX solutions

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  • Geolocation
  • Presence information
  • Conference
  • Desktop sharing and file transfer
  • Virtual Post-It reminders
  • Attendant Console
  • Shared phonebooks
  • Security thanks to advanced encryption system

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Save up to 80%!

Save up to 80%!

No need for a physical equipment to dispose of all the features, they are included in all our formulas and are available from all your sets or softphones. You can also cancel all your ISDN and / or PSTN subscriptions, while keeping your numbers obviously. At SmartCall there are also no maintenance contracts, and phone sets you will buy (Panasonic or other choice) are universal sets compatible with operators worldwide. Finally, check our on demand price list to see that our prices  are unbeatable whatever the country .

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Packages "all inclusive"

We offer different packages "all in" to suit all needs and all budgets. Whatever the chosen formula , you always get with SmartCall an unlimited number of telephone lines simultaneously in HD quality, an interface available for managing your incoming calls to perfection, one or more numbers , and the first KVH-130  type Panasonic telephone by customer for free  (other phone sets are available as an option). With these formulas, you increase your PRODUCTIVITY since you will not miss any more call and you will always have a line available to call whoever you want.

Most of our packs already include advantageous call credits packages to Belgium and foreign countries ( visit the  " our packs " page for more details. 

Whatever the formula chosen, you will always have the option to switch to another plan if your needs change.

Finally, SmartCall specializes in telephony for small and medium enterprises, but also provides a custom solution for larger accounts. That is why we have foreseen a "tailor made" for companies with more than 15 posts. Contact us if you want to be visited by one of our specialists.

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5* service

5* service

Whatever the choosen formula, you always get at SmartCall a perfect service, from the first visit of our advisor to the installation of your new telephone exchange. We notify you in real time about the status of your order, your installation date, by email and sms, and our customer service is available from Monday to Saturday, from 8 am to 22 pm. Our authorized installer does not just install and activate the hardware but will also give you an opportunity to customize & train to be able to use and to manage independently the features of your PABX.

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Each smartcall user also has a personal application allowing him to use his smartphone (Android or Apple) in the same way as his office phone or even use it as a single phone! For an optimal use you just need to make sure you are connected either to wi-fi or 4G. Even outside, you find 100% functionality of your phone as if you were sitting behind your desk! Mobility does not stop there because you can also have a phone set in your second residence, to work at home, always in the exact conditions of your usual work environment. Finally, if you move house, you simply take your phone set and reconnect it to an internet line .You will be reconnected directly, at no cost, no delay! Even at the end of the world, you will work  the same way as at home  for no extra cost. With the optional fax to email and web to fax, no need for expensive machinery, you instantly receive your incoming faxes in the inbox of your choice and you can send your faxes from anywhere by simply logging into your account !

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Your new phone exchange is really easy  to navigate through the individual interface we offer you. After a few minutes, it will be very easy to create new deviations, to record a new message, to offer your customers a choice between different departments (type 1 for sales, 2 for joining my mobile, etc. . The possibilities offered by this  management tool are endless and your phone welcoming will now be unique !! Optionally, we offer you a professional recording tool for your greetings at a highly competitive price. All our devices are also directly plugged with a simple data socket (as of your computer) and unlike conventional telephone exchanges, we do not need to install additional wiring to the phones. The features available on our phones are also very easy to use and you are 100% operational from day one!

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Ecosystem responsible

Ecosystem responsible

By ensuring that you do not have to invest in expensive hardware that ages too quickly,  by avoiding maintenance costs  we definitely limit the number of waste that pollutes the planet. Using latest generation phones based on a standard and universal protocol, we allow you to keep your phone sets as long as possible, regardless of the selected operator. Since you can plug in your phone wherever you want (provided you have access to the internet), and you can also use several conferences, work from home or from abroad at no extra cost, you will avoid trips by plane, car and thus unnecessary trips.

We are so convinced of the need for action that at  SmartCall, we decided to donate 0, 25 € / month / user to the foundation xxx.

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